About Us

We really do believe that everyone deserves great soap.

Owners of Stone Soapery standing in front of an Austin, TX Mural that says "Austin Capital of Texas"

Yes, YOU! You deserve to treat yourself and feel the benefits of handmade soap and skincare. 

Hi, we’re Cate and Darwin Stone, AKA Mr. and Mrs. Soap! We began our soapmaking journey as a way to stop using unwanted chemicals on our bodies and to reduce our carbon footprint. As a result, we take great care in crafting our soaps with just a few ingredients that nourish your skin, and come in minimal packaging with very little plastic. 

After months of research, we opened our shop in late March of 2020. In just four months, we’ve sold over 500 bars of soap totaling about 125 pounds of soap! 

We know that not everyone has the time for a 10-step skincare routine. We get it. We’re busy too, but we also know that a lack of time shouldn’t mean your body doesn’t get the love and care it deserves. Caring for your skin should be simple!

We first fell in love with cold process soapmaking which has led to woodworking, yarn creations, and photography. Mrs. Soap loves the innovative process of soapmaking and sharing that love with others. Mr. Soap has enjoyed getting creative with our photography along with the new adventure of creating unique Soap Rests. 

With Stone Soapery, it’s more than just “made only with ingredients that you can pronounce!” The ingredients in our products are carefully chosen to give your skin the nourishing ingredients that you deserve at a price that you can afford. A great example would be Olive Oil. It is in all of our handmade soaps due to its moisturizing properties that give the soap bars a gentle and creamy lather, making it the perfect ingredient for dry or even sensitive skin. 

You deserve this!


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