February: Don't Buy Anything New

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Metal clothes hanger with 6 wooden hangers with shirts of varying colors. Text reads "Low Waste Challenge: February- Don't Buy Anything New"

Remember last month when we donated our #PurgePiles to local shelters? (Shout out to Kitty and others who participated!) Well now we need to be sure that we don’t go and buy a bunch of things to just replace the things we just cleared out of our homes. Remember, we gave it away for a reason! 


Here are some things that you should try and avoid purchasing this month: clothes, shoes, home and garden items, furniture, kitchen items, stationary, craft products, entertainment (books, movies, DVDs), sports equipment, toys, jewelry, beauty products, and electronics. Of course, this isn’t a no spend month entirely. You’ll still be making regular purchases such as gas, groceries, bills, personal hygiene, and other essential items.


We don’t want this month to feel completely unattainable (we’re trying for low waste, not zero, yet), so if you need to buy a new shirt or a new décor item, think twice about making the purchase. Do you really need the item? Could you make do with something you have at home? Could you purchase this item from a second hand shop and give it a second life? How long will you actually keep this item before it’s broken, thrown away, or given away?


What to Do Instead

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Now I know as much as the next person, how good it can feel to get your shop on and just treat yourself. So we’re going to give five different suggestions of things you can do other than shop ‘til you drop. 

  • Have some fun styling the clothes or home décor you already have in different ways. This can refresh what you already have and gives you something to do in all that time you’re spending at home. 
  • Start a new hobby (without buying anything)! This could be something as simple as drawing or as in depth as starting a personal blog about something you’re interested in. 
  • Treat yourself at home. If you already have Stone Soapery bar soap, you could use some to pamper yourself in a bath or shower. You could also use that mask you’ve been wanting to use, but just haven’t gotten to. 
  • Exercise! Stretching, yoga, HIIT, Zumba are all fun ideas that you can do at home in your living room. They’ll also give you that bump of serotonin you need.
  • Get some fresh air. I know that the weather has been chilly (and snowy) in many places, but even just a bit of fresh air can give you some energy to power you through your day. 

What else can you do this month instead of shopping? Tell us below in the comments! 


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