Stone Soapery: Our 2021 Revamp

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Cate (she/her) being dipped by Darwin (he/him) in front of a mural that says "Love from Austin" Owners and Creators of Stone Soapery, Cate (she/her) and Darwin (he/him). Photo by Darwin Stone
   If you’re following us on social media you may have seen us talking about a revamp for the new year. You may have also seen that we’re trying to sell all of our current soap stock and that none of it will be returning. Which has left people with lots of questions for us. Will you still carry handmade soap? If you do, what’s going to be so different about it? So I just wanted to tell you about some of the changes you’ll be seeing here at Stone Soapery. (Don’t panic, we’ll still be selling soap, and lots of it!)

New Mission

     In 2021 we will be challenging ourselves and YOU to reduce your footprint. We’re calling it a Low-Waste Challenge. We’ll get more into it in my next blog post, but all of our products and the information we give will be centered on educating and assisting you in your waste reducing journey! Our planet is so important and there are so many small (and BIG) things that we can do to help improve it. 
     We believe that when you know better, you do better. So we are headed on a journey to learn everything we can to benefit our planet and we’re taking you with us! Have you created your goals for 2021 yet? Our Low Waste Challenge will be the perfect introduction to reducing your footprint little by little by, making sustainable lifestyle changes. 
     What do we mean by ‘footprint’? When we say footprint we’re talking about your ecological footprint. As in, the amount of nature that it takes to support people and the economy. The goal is to only use the amount of resources that we really NEED to. We’ll get into fast fashion, sustainable products, low waste products, and getting rid of single use plastics/products. 
Grand Canyon in 2017
Grand Canyon in 2017. Photo by Darwin Stone

Vegan, Plant Based Products

     In sticking to our new mission for 2021, we will only be using plant-based, vegan friendly products. This means no more animal fats, beeswax, or human-made items like fragrance oils or mica soap colorants. We’ll be utilizing essential oils which are derived from plants and natural colorants like ground roots and clays. This is not only going to help reduce our impact on our planet, but it’s also so much better for your skin. It’s a Win-Win!
Photo of six essential oil bottles
Essential oil bottles in varying sizes. Photo by Darwin Stone

Essential Oils and Natural Colorants

     Most of our quality ingredients that you’ve come to love in our soaps will be staying, the biggest changes will be switching from human made products over to ALL plant based products.  We have used essential oils in a few of our soaps, such as Cocomint (peppermint essential oil) and Thieves & Turmeric (Thieves Essential Oil Blend). We have also used natural colorants such as turmeric, white kaolin clay, and rose clay in our soaps in the past. In our revamp we’ll be using these all natural ingredients in all of our products. 

New Products

     We know you’re so relieved that we’ll be keeping our wonderful handmade soaps, but you’ll be excited to know that we’re also working on creating some new products to add to our lineup. Candles, Solid Dish Soap, Lip Balm, Body Butter, Wax Melts, and other low waste alternatives that you’ll love. We know that starting (or continuing) your Low-Waste Journey isn’t always easy and you may struggle on where to even begin, but we’re hoping our products and blog posts can help lead you in the right direction. 
Photo of Palm leaves in a glass jar.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


     Our packaging will also look a little different. We will be seeking ways that we can reuse, reduce, and include eco-friendly packaging (i.e. compostable or biodegradable). This will look like reusing boxes, using newspaper shreds as padding, and no more plastic tape.  We’re also looking into utilizing paper that is made from seeds and can actually be planted in your garden! How cool is that? :)

Logo and Brand Colors 

     Last but not least, to fit our new mission we’ll be changing our logo and brand colors. We aren’t quite ready to reveal our new logo, but our brand colors are going to fit in with our new mission and looks of our products. We plan to reveal our new logo and colors in the beginning of January!
     So there you have it! These are the big changes that we have coming here at  the Soapery and we couldn’t be more excited! How do you feel about the changes coming at Stone Soapery? Are you excited to join us in our Low-Waste Challenge? Let us know down below in the comments! 

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